The appointments system put in place by SIAGUEST is reserved to buyers and exhibitors of SIAGUEST .

Through the online system, buyers can  directly and independently contact exhibitors (sellers) that best meet their needs, selecting them according to product and offer affinity. The system gives users the opportunity to view sellers’ profiles and interact with them directly by sending and receiving appointment requests. 
Once the request is sent, the seller will receive an alert e-mail, and will have two days to accept or refuse the request. Buyers may also receive appointment request e-mails, and will likewise have two days to accept or refuse it. 
The online diary will be closed a week before the show. There are 10 appointment slots a day

The on line agenda will open on 5th  September 2016 and will close on 5th October 2016

Through the on line Appointments System, you can easily schedule & meet with the exhibitors you want to meet

  • 20 minutes for each appointment 
  • 10 appointments per day
  • Fast service for long term results!