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On display at Rimini Expo Centre, the most innovative hospitality with exhibitions by the best Italian designers

.Rimini, 8th October 2018 . With its eight architectural and design display areas, made in Italy will be the exhibition heart of the 67th edition of SIA Hospitality Design, Italian Exhibition Group´s Show dedicated to the entire hotel industry world (Rimini Expo Centre, 10th-12th October 2018, at the same time as TTG Travel Experience and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style).

The best of Italian design will be on show in the Rimini trade show halls with a wide offer of innovative solutions by designers specialized in hospitality facilities.
Besides ROOMS . SIA Hotel Design Lab, a display of 12 hotel bedrooms of the future, devised and organized by IEG in collaboration with Teamwork, here are the Ôdesign answers´ to questions on what will be most innovative and trendy furnishing and styling for hospitality.

Recycled materials, eco-sustainability, uniqueness and personalization are the guiding stars in matters of furnishing and styling, thanks to the proposals of the most innovative team of emerging designers who, with their creative energy, pay tribute to Italian genius throughout the world. In Hall D4, the new SIA Innovation Design Area exhibition carries their signature.
Among these, Vibrazioni art-design will be in attendance with an area dedicated to hospitality, reception and lounge, in the name of a craftsmanship that totally distorts matter. The fittings will therefore involve several elements of design created with recycled materials, like, for example, ´Rugby´ (a domed, hexagonal lamp made from the recycled metal of dustbins) and ´Secca con braccioli´ (a chair inspired by the fashion of the 1950s, made with recycled sheet metal applications on the seat, back and arms).
The concept of Design Espresso, however, targets maximum personalization, quality and eco-sustainability by using natural materials and finishings. This is the starting point which can be modified and personalized according to the client´s needs, aiming at aspects that the client deems more pertinent to its brand or to the message it wants to transmit through the facility. Craftsmanship and the use of recycled materials are the keystone that also distinguishes Ristart by designer Marco Duranti.
G2P Design proposes an ´intelligent´ vase for the balcony garden, a multi-functional separé that both defines and unites the spaces. Vertigo is an innovative vase with a particular spiral shape that makes it look as if it were moving, as if it were embracing the plants to turn them towards the sun, uniting agricultural functionality with design. Tomè is a multi-functional element, ideal for separating and uniting living and cooking areas or a restaurant hall or for furnishing a hotel reception area.

Hall B2 will be hosting Fai la mossa giusta, an event that gathers together some of the most innovative Made in Italy companies into one single exhibition area and now at SIA Hospitality Design for the seventh year.
An authentic concentrate of Italian excellence that, in the various hotel furnishing sectors, demonstrates the quality and innovation that makes it so competitive around the world.
Fai la mossa giusta will be presenting Hotel in Motion, a versatile area that deals with the future needs of hospitality, where the concept of Hotel is in continual movement, evolving and transforming both the needs of the market and of the operators.
The design of Wellness 7.0 shifts towards the environment this year, offering a green project that enhances the union between architecture and nature, where outdoor and indoor come into contact and the spaces merge together, to provide a multi-sensorial experience. Sustainability is the recurring theme in the technological choices, creating a smart environment where automation, accessibility and high efficiency are the key elements for the design´s success. Water is the important natural element in the design logic: water and fire, water and earth, water and air. A constant dialectic expressed by integrating the design with the surrounding environment. The house on the water becomes a symbol of harmony with nature and life itself.

Simone Micheli´s proposal is traditional and always much-awaited. This year he has designed the Milkshapes unconventional relaxing space in Hall B1.
White models matter, gives structure to the content and defines the areas that make up the space, generating three different areas that embrace the guest, making him feel an integral part of the future visions that will feature in the hospitably sector.
Encased within elegant industrial modules are a luxury suite, a captivating lobby and a spa area with Turkish bath, sauna and sensory shower.
The language that characterizes the installation is strong and decisive and transmits an innovative concept able to chip away old visions and replace them with a dynamic, interactive and relational representation of hospitality.
The idea of generating distinctive, highly recognizable places that aim to unhinge ordinary conventions is essential nowadays for winning commercial battles and getting to the top of the modern market which, in changing its mode of action, needs spaces that can communicate with the guest, transmit emotional content and go beyond meeting the need.
All the products were specifically made for the installation by architect Simone Micheli and are designed to best satisfy the needs of modern man, who is always on the move and whose mind is constantly active.

Biophilic design is able to reduce stress, increase creativity and clarity of mind and improve wellbeing. Cultures and societies throughout the world have always used nature in the construction of public and domestic areas. One only has to think of the gardens and courtyards of the Alhambra in Spain, the fish used on porcelain bowls in ancient China, the bird cages in Teotihuacan (Mexico City), bonsai plants in Japanese homes, the use papyrus in the ponds near the apartments of Egyptian nobles, German orchards in Medieval times and the hanging gardens of Babylon.
In recent years, there has been a continual increase in works linked to the intersections between neuroscience and architecture, both in the field of research and in building practices, while bio-construction is starting to incorporate biophilia, especially in terms of the quality of internal areas and the connection that it establishes with a place. Biophilic design has recently been applied as a complementary strategy against stress at work, student performance, patient recovery and the challenges linked to wellbeing.
And so, for SIA Hospitality Design (Hall B3) the Biophilic Retreat Hotel & SPA, by Wellness Design with architect Stefano Pediconi has been staged focussing on the Guest, whose wellbeing is developed all around, from the bedroom to the spa, from the reception to the relaxation area..
Materials and atmospheres, equipment and technologies all compete to make the visitor feel perfectly at home in a modern Retreat.
Retreat, in fact, is the term used internationally in new wellness facilities in which the guest, just as in a ´retreat´, can concentrate on developing and implementing the concepts of mental wellness found in spas all over the world.

A detailed itinerary of tastings and show cooking in Hall D2 will present products and tools for an authentic ´Breakfast Made in Italy´, an area devised to enhance one of the most strategic and constantly evolving proposals in hospitality facilities. To complete the expo area, a programme of useful meetings in which to analyze the global market changes and new buying approaches of a clientele that is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of food.
The project is organized, like last year, in collaboration with ICE-Italian Trade Agency and CNA, the National Confederation of Artisans and Small and Medium Enterprises.

The role played by aesthetics in outfitting an area able to attract attention and curiosity is becoming increasingly decisive. ÔMise en place´ is the exhibition (Hall D2) that offers a suggestive experiential itinerary with a display of differently laid tables. From wedding to classic, from chic country to ecological, all the trends to discover the many forms that the table can take.

The pride of all-Italian design with Luxury Hotel Interior Designers (Hall D4), the exhibition with which Studio Simonetti represents 40 years of activity through the top five-star hotel projects it has been responsible for. A proven success story, as the many recognitions and awards go to prove, that continues in every project with solutions able to unite aesthetics, functionality and design.
Studio Simonetti will be displaying three spearhead projects at SIA 2018. Grand Hotel Courmayeur Mont Blanc, created from a clear design idea: the insertion of contemporary architecture into a place of enormous natural beauty, respecting the traditions and typical materials of the area. San Clemente Palace Hotel&Resort Venezia *****L, the architectonic and interior design developed around the concept of a luxury resort due to the very unique characteristics of the location. The style chosen is classic with a hint of exotic, just to emphasize the role that navigators and merchants played in the history of Venice. In order to make the bedrooms different, furnishings, colours and fabrics inspired by four themes were selected: ´Navigators´, ´Nobles´, ´Doges´ and ´Merchants´. And lastly, Hotel Splendido Bay where Studio Simonetti has filled the rooms with exclusiveness and modernity through a total architectonic makeover, taking the hotel from a 4-star category to a luxury 5-star Resort.

Category: International Trade Show; Organization: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 55th TTG, 67th SIA, 36th SUN; entry: professional traders only; tickets: free on invitation; opening times: 10 am . 6 pm (last day 10 am . 5 pm); executive director exhibitions Italy: Patrizia Cecchi; travel & lifestyle exhibitions group director: Paolo Audino; group brand manager: Gloria Armiri; TTG brand manager: Nicola De Pizzo; Sia and Sun brand manager: Mattia Migliavacca; exhibitor info: tel. +39 02 806892; mail:; website: #TTG2018 - #SIA2018 - #SUN2018

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