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Italian Exhibition Group and Teamwork at the service of hospitality experts In Rimini from 9th to 12th October: the first day in Rimini Conference Centre, then at SIA Hospitality Design in the city´s Expo Centre. The two great players in the hotel industry world will also be creating ROOMS, a display of 12 hotel rooms of the future, projected by well-known Italian designers

Rimini, 8th October 2018 . A week dedicated to higher training and to getting to know hospitality trends. Hospitality Week, to be held from Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th October, is the result of an agreement between Italian Exhibition Group, the international trade show organizer, leader in Italy in terms of earnings and directly organized shows, and Teamwork, a well-known tourist and hotel industry consultancy firm.

The four days will endorse a prestigious collaboration between two players of reference in the hotel industry world that begins with the sixth edition of Hospitality day . the important event organized by Teamwork at Rimini Conference Centre . and continues with the opening of SIA Hospitality Design, the splendid marketplace that IEG is dedicating to the hotel hospitality sector, to be held at Rimini Expo Centre from Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th October alongside TTG Travel Experience and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style.

SIA will be cutting the ribbon of its 67th edition on 10th October and will integrate its content with those proposed by Teamwork. The Hospitality Week will be a B2B event full of seminars, conferences, educational and information moments with interventions from international speakers, company case histories and other new entries.

The first new entry is the creation, thanks to a freshly signed collaboration agreement, of ROOMS - SIA Hotel Design Lab, a large exhibition, devised and created by IEG in collaboration with Teamwork, which will be offering new hospitality concepts: 12 life-size hotel room installations by 12 famous international designers who will be presenting their ideas of hospitality.
An area of about 1,300 m² in Hall D3 where, during the three days of SIA, the 12 rooms of the future, 2 lounges and the ROOMS Arena to be used for hospitality sector training moments will be the leading players. A futuristic and pragmatic gathering of information and knowledge to determine the real ROI that design can bring to hospitality.

Caleidorooms is the new modular bedroom system made of recycled materials proposed at SIA by DAAA HAUS. An easy-design solution to be produced and installed with the minimum of waste but with an eye on detailed and quality accessories and the use of the latest technologies, from a smart TV to automatic check-in.

Away with the superfluous to concentrate on functionalities that meet the needs of the modern traveller. The result is THE BED-ROOM: a bedroom in which the focus is on the person and his/her desire to sleep well. The heart of the project, developed by Lago Studio, is the oversize, hanging, 2.4 x 2.00 m bed. All the other functionalities are encased in a unique architectonic space with glass surfaces that houses the wardrobe, shower and bathroom fittings.

Even hotel bedrooms have their own size. S, M, L, XL are the sizes in the Smart Design Hotel, a tailored project thanks to the scalable character of the designs. The different sizes are offered as a key-in-hand retrieval project, designed to increase the hotels profits. This is the core of the ´4 sizes fits all´ project, installed at SIA by architect Massimo Magaldi.

The Camera infinita (Infinite Bedroom) idea comes from Rizoma Architecture and is a transformable and adaptable place, open to unconventional uses, where the guest can find space to work and rest, eat, read, sleep, take care of body and spirit, use the most recent technologies or enjoy losing himself in a good book. To provide all this are three variations of room: the work-meeting, the relax-wellness and the entertainment rooms.

Power to matter. With this philosophy, Spagnulo&Partner has built Materia04. Living room, bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom: four areas, one next to the other, each one following an open and determined principle. The living room hosts wood, united with the rigour of panelling. The themein the bedroom is the world of textiles from softness to touch. The black contrast of the wardrobe introduces the bathroom with its tiling, reflections and mirrors.

Interactivity is the key word for DayDream, the room concept designed by Studio CaberlonCaroppi. Technology will be an integral part of the room with a dynamic and interactive window to totally become immersed into the space. Moreover, Daydream represents the host city, telling part of its history through typical decorative elements.

The travelling bedroom. SINELOCO is a new idea for a bedroom with no fixed connection to one single place. A unique experience in which the guest can directly enjoy the architecture from within and give a new and different function to the surrounding space. The concept, developed by Studio Elena Bozzini, was designed as a light and transparent object that ideally would take the shape of a crystal cube in order to define the space physically but not visually. A new hospitality model that innovates the concept of a travelling room, giving added value to the architecture that contains it.

Lucchesedesign re-interprets the traditional hotel room with a fluid and versatile concept. By dialoguing with the context, the ´La città (in)visibile´ - (In)visible city - project adapts to any culture and city. Finishings and details develop in an open-space featuring a distributive continuity between the rooms. The customization principle of the space is obtained through horizontal and vertical elements that can be adapted and personalized according to the specificity of the place and measurements.

Sottobosco (Undergrowth) is a hotel room conceived by Gian Paolo Venier as a cool and regenerating oasis. Textures with an unfinished look cover the walls and frame the ceiling in semi-transparent fabric through which one can glimpse a lush nature, evoking memories of young summers in the country. Material surfaces . in various shades of white, black and green . dialogue with calmly elegant furnishings in a dreamy setting.

The project, by Studio Ceccaroli, HRH . Hotel Room House, aims at providing a unique experience by taking normal life into a prestigious and comfortable designer space. The result is an eclectic place that can be transformed according to the needs of everyday life: work, rest, sport, eating.

Unconventional is the tone of hotel hospitality according to Nisi Magnoni, which takes shape in the Lo Strappo (The Exception) concept. This hotel room is the opposite of the spasmodic search for something new, original, technological, modern and surprising. Lo Strappo has the romantic flavour of the simple and utilitarian domestic necessities of 100 years ago. It represents how we once were.

Elegances originates from the balance between proportion, surprise and emotion. Taking inspiration from elegance, Sergio Bizzarro and Alessia Galimberti have designed the Comfort Room, a room in perfect harmony with the space which offers maximum comfort and everything one could possibly wish for. The space, furnished attentively right down to the tiniest detail by using innovative materials and delicate colours, is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The cosy and functional Comfort Room offers refined design that will last over time.

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Category: International Trade Show; Organization: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 55th TTG, 67th SIA, 36th SUN; entry: professional traders only; tickets: free on invitation; opening times: 10 am . 6 pm (last day 10 am . 5 pm); group brand manager: Gloria Armiri; brand manager TTG: Nicola De Pizzo; brand manager SIA and SUN: Mattia Migliavacca; exhibitor info: tel. +39 02 806892; mail:; website: #TTG18 - #SIA18 - #SUN18 . #thinkfuture

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