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.Rimini, 8th October 2018 . 2018 should be a decidedly positive year for Italian tourism. In fact, according to forecasts based on the results of the first six months, this year should close with an increase of 1.3% in the number of overnight stays recorded in hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities, equal to 425.9 million presences compared to 420.6 million in 2017. Even more significant is the growth in total arrivals which showed an increase based on annual figures of 2.7%: 126.5 million estimated for 2018 compared to 98.8 million in 2017.

Basilicata should record the most sustained growth on a regional scale and in percentage terms with an estimated increase of 5.69% in arrivals and 3.71% in presences, followed by Sardinia (+4.05% in arrivals, +2.67% in presences), Valle d´Aosta (+3.66% in arrivals, +1.86% in presences), Lombardy (+3.45% in arrivals, +2.82% in presences), Liguria (+3.38% in arrivals, +1.63% in presences), Trentino Alto Adige (+3.25% in arrivals, +1.64% in presences) and Veneto (+3.03% in arrivals, +1.28% in presences).

Forecasts for 2018 confirm a constant growth in the foreign component which should stand at around 62.8 million in arrivals compared to 60.5 million in 2017 (+3.7%) and 216.4 million presences compared to 210.7 million the year before (+2.7%). In absolute terms, the arrival of over 2 million more foreign tourists is predicted, which should generate a surplus of about 6 million presences.

There are five regional destinations in which the absolute value of the hospitality offer focuses about 70% of foreign customer overnight stays, equalling 150 million presences: Veneto (48.3 million nights), Trentino Alto Adige (30.3 million nights), Tuscany (25.5 million nights), Lombardy (24.9 million nights) and lastly, Lazio (21 million nights.
Considering the fact that, either for business or tourist reasons, 58.7 million foreign travellers came into Italy in 2017, showing an increase of 11.8% compared to 2016, thanks to this trend, the tourist payment account recorded a positive net balance of 14,598 million Euros (+5.7% more than in 2016).

Foreign travellers in Italy spent 39 billion Euros (+7.7% compared to 2016) while Italian tourists abroad spent 24,24 billion Euros (+8.9% more than in 2016). Germany, with 6.6 billion Euros, was our main spending catchment basin with an increase of 14.7% compared to 2016, followed by the USA (4.5 billion Euros), France (3.9 billion Euros), the United Kingdom (3 billion Euros) and Switzerland (6.1 billion Euros), all more than in 2016 with the exception of the USA which dropped by 1.7%.
The regions where the greatest number of foreign travellers were concentrated were Veneto, Lazio, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige, in that order..

Foreigners´ average stay in Italy was more or less stable in the first half of 2018 with 3.45 nights compared to 3.48 nights in the same period in 2017.

Hotel accommodation facilities in Italy
At the end of 2017, Italy counted 33,166 hotels for a total of 1,091,061 rooms and 2,248,225 beds.
The majority of hotels is in the 3-star category (15,355 equalling 46.3% of the total) followed by those with 4-stars (5,726, 17% of the total). Only 460 are 5-star hotels (1.4% of the total).
Then there are 2,053 hotel facilities for tourists.
In the last ten years (2007-2017), the number of hotels has dropped by 3.1%, however, 231 business opened last year.
Overall the number of workers in the hotel industry come to 234,000 with an increase of 1.4% between the first six months of 2017 and the first half of 2018. (Sources: Unioncamere . Banca d´Italia . Federalberghi)

The positive trend in investments in the hotel industry in Italy is continuing into 2018. The value of hospitality facility property sales stands at around 1,2 billion Euros, registering a +10.5% increase compared to 2016 and more than double compared to three years ago (594 million Euros). In 2017, 80% of the invested total involved high-standard hospitality facilities, hotels in the 4 and 5-star category. Much of the investment, about 53% of the total, comes from abroad, with France, the United States and the UK in the forefront representing together 66% of the foreign capital. (Source: Gabetti Property Solutions)

A determining role in investments in hospitality facilities is played by Tax Credit awarded for updating and refurbishing hotels, which also foresees the possibility of deducting costs for buying property. An incentive which, in the four years since its application, has generated almost 380 million Euros of investment in furnishing products. From 2014 to date, hotelier requests for access to Tax Credit has increased by an average of 15% and one third of the applications is for buying furniture and furnishings, where the imprint of Made in Italy design plays a decisive part. (Sources: Federlegno Arredo . Confindustria Alberghi)

Outdoor, a sector in constant growth
Constant expansion for the global Outdoor Furnishing sector is expected: studies carried out by TMR (Transparency Market Research) predict a turnover of around 1,600 million dollars by 2022 with an annual growth of about 5%. The main factor is a life in the open air culture which is spreading throughout the world, with a demand that is urging hospitality facilities to satisfy it.
A Ôfurnishing share´ that also involves the camping world. The 2,510 campsite facilities registered in 2017 by Federcamping offer almost 1.4 million beds and a turnover of 2.7 billion Euros. Mobile homes, and bungalows now attract 35% of the demand, mainly from couples under 40 with teenage children.
The latest findings by CSIL (Centro Studi Industria Leggera . Light Industry Research Centre - which specializes in analyzing activities relating to furniture, wood, furnishing, lighting and household devices) reports a positive trend for the Made in Italy outdoor furnishing industry, especially for 2015 and 2016, supported by a stable 2017.
According to a recent study by the Lombardy Chamber of Commerce, the main markets for Made in Italy outdoor furnishings in the future will be the United Kingdom (+16.3% of demand for indoor and outdoor furnishings), Russia (where interest is growing for outdoor furnishings and kitchens) and Switzerland.

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