• Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • 13:30 - 14:30
  • Memo
  • Food & Beverage Arena - Pav. A2
  • Giacomo Belotti

A clear overview of the costs generated by catering activities enables you to identify areas of action, optimising processes and making them profitable. In this seminar, you will learn the costs of cooking, how to calculate food and full costs, and how to manage the storeroom efficiently to minimise losses.


  • How to manage restaurant costs in an orderly manner
  • Four types of cost that you must keep in mind/monitor at all times
  • Food costs and full costs, how to allocate costs to each category
  • Behind the scenes: efficient storeroom management
  • Practical case analysis

Targets: Hotel owners and managers, hotel chains, tourism chains, accommodation consortia.