• Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Talent Arena - Pav. A2
  • Roberto Gentile Consultant

There are five rules according to which newly-arrived managers deserve the money that a company gives them. Roberto Gentile will talk about them in this seminar aimed at professionals who wish to improve their performance.
Here are the suggestions that will be commented on and explored:

  • do not claim to change the world: the company is a complex mechanism, like that of a mechanical watch, every system has its purpose and must be in harmony with those around it.
  • adapt and model yourself to the environment: working in a family company or in a larger company are two different things, and you must take this into account.
  • clothes also make the man: if you are a manager on a high salary, you must pay attention to your appearance, which must be neat and formal.
  • always be connected: the internet and social media have revolutionised working hours, and it is now normal to answer a Whatsapp message at 9pm on Sunday evening or approve the sales plan in a conference call on Saturday morning.
  • I deserve my salary and therefore pay for myself: this is the mantra of good managers, who must always ask themselves: “Have I done enough today to earn the company money? What can I do more tomorrow?”.