• Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • 16:30 - 17:30
  • Memo
  • Industry Vision Arena - Pav. C3
  • Giuliano Noci

People remain the focus even in today’s hyper-technological world. As consumers, they have acquired a much more substantial negotiating power than in the past, thanks to disintermediation between the individual and the brand, and the spread of social networking platforms. As managers, they are still the only agents able to make a competitive difference, thanks to a sensitivity and creativity that cannot be reproduced by technology.
At this event, Giuliano Noci proposes a new marketing platform, which, owing to digital transformation, is redefining categories, tools and value-creation processes. A compass that lets you get your bearings amid four key points: overcoming the distinction between the physical space and the digital space; the emergence of data as the new raw material for doing business; the knowledge of time as an internal variable of any marketing project; the need to “think big”, for environments (ecosystems) without defined boundaries, where product sectors are only a vague memory of the past. In this new geography, “biomarketing”, based on the surveying of the biometric signals of our bodies and brain activity, provide authentic interpretations of individuals’ reactions to marketing stimuli, and offers original analysis tools that complement those traditionally available.

For all tourism companies and professionals interested in learning about the most effective marketing solutions for the future.