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Giovanni Battista Ubaldi - Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and Marketing Expert

Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and Marketing Expert

Chairman of "DiBeneInMeglio", the international psychology of happiness association, licensed to practice psychology (entered in Register A).
He has acted as consultant for: Conad, Coop, ZonaMarket, Sidal, LIMONI Profumerie, Clarins Italia, Unifarco, Sintesi, Piaggio, Ferrero, RAI, Punto Radio, CONI, ASD Fortitudo, the Municipality of Bologna.
His recent publications include:

  • Sum Ergo Cogito: Tesi sulla intelligenza artificiale [Thesis on Artificial Intelligence].
  • Machina.Dei: Dialogo sui Due Divini Sistemi [Dialogue on Two Divine Systems].
  • Opera Omnia: Teoria di sentimenti [Theory of Feelings].

Director of an advertising agency for 25 years, marketing department.

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Time Event Category Room
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