"FAI LA MOSSA GIUSTA", the event that brings together some of Italy’s most innovative companies in a single exhibition space, is returning to SIA HOSPITALITY DESIGN: excellence in the sector intended to support accommodation facilities in building and renovation, providing a turnkey service.

FAI LA MOSSA GIUSTA brings together products and services geared towards the search for increasingly innovative solutions – the design of spas and fitness areas – the design of outdoor areas: natural swimming ponds, sport, flooring – the accessibility of structures and services sustainable hotel design

Fai la mossa giusta will present Hotel in Motion, a versatile space focused on the future requirements of the hospitality world, where the concept of a Hotel is constantly changing, evolving and transforming according to the market requirements of trade members.

This year, the design of Wellness 7.0 moves towards the environment, proposing a green project that highlights the combination of architecture and nature, in which outdoors and indoors come into contact and spaces merge, offering a multisensory experience. Sustainability is the leitmotif in technical choices, creating a smart environment in which domotics, accessibility and high efficiency are the key elements of projects´ success. In design logic, the natural element of water is important: water and fire, water and earth, water and air. An on-going interaction that results in the integration of the design with the surrounding environment. A house on water becomes the symbol of harmony with nature and life itself.