The traditional proposal of Simone Micheli is as always eagerly awaited. This year he will design Milkshapes unconventional relaxing space in Hall B1.
The colour white shapes matter, structures content and establishes the environments that form spaces giving rise to three different areas that enwrap guests, making them feel they are an integral part of the future visions that characterize the hospitality sector.
Inside elegant industrial modules, there is a luxurious suite, an enthralling lobby area and a spa environment with Turkish bath, sauna and emotional shower.

The language that characterizes the installation is strong and decisive in order to communicate an innovative concept able to undermine old visions, replacing them with a dynamic, interactive, relational representation of hospitality.

The idea of originating distinctive, highly recognizable places able to demolish ordinary conventions is essential nowadays, to win commercial battles and reach the top of the contemporary market, which, changing its modus operandi, requires spaces able to communicate with visitors, to transmit them an emotional content that goes beyond just meeting needs.

All the products were created ad hoc for the installation of architect Simone Micheli, conceived to meet requirements of contemporary man, always on the move and with a continually active mind.