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The most innovative ideas for wellness in hotels along with the therapists of Milan´s Mandarin Oriental, focuses on movement with ´Hotel in motion´, Breakfast Made in Italy and floating solariums. The concept of luxury according to Simone Micheli.

.Rimini, 2nd October 2017 - Great new features on the exhibitor front at the next SIA Guest, the International Hospitality Exhibition now at its 66th edition, being held at Fiera di Rimini from 12th to 14th October 2017 simultaneously with the 54th TTG Incontri and the 35th SUN (International exhibition dedicated to the beach, campsites and outdoor furniture and products).

A particularly wide range of exhibitions is scheduled.

A Wellness Room conceived for guests´ all-round wellness, which brings to mind the art of Piet Mondrian on the hundredth anniversary of De Stijl, features a new theme connecting hospitality, wellness and colour at the centre of the exhibition Wellchrome Hotel&Spa. A project that intends showing that the principles of the make-up of a Wellness Room, studied according to the research project by the Strefano Pediconi Studio, can be applied no matter what the style of the hotel or the space available. Now at its tenth edition, the exhibition renews the collaboration between SIA Guest and Wellness Design, the most popular wellness magazine in Italy. In the Hall B1 area, where it will be set up, there will also be therapists from Mandarin Oriental Milan. All complemented by a series of interesting case histories featuring Mandarin Oriental, Alberghi & Terme in Riolo and Hotel Casa Yvorio in Terracina.

Fai la Mossa Giusta, (Make the Right Move), at its sixth edition, presents the project ´HOTEL IN MOTION´, which puts the focus on movement: dynamism, ability to meet client´s changing requirements, ability to change through time, adopting concepts of physical movement and wellness, constructive innovation and technological trends.

Architect Simone Micheli is responsible for Beyond the Luxury (Hall D3). In the exhibition area concrete form will be given to what is the new concept of luxury on behalf of its creator, who, in a very innovative revolutionary manner, redefines its contents: ´The new concept of luxury sets a considerable limit on opulence in the use of materials, giving a new definition which, for me, is represented by a renewed relationship between man, space and time.´ Therefore time and space, in their relationship with man, reset the coordinates of a luxurious concept of architecture; but man also plays a central role in this vision. ´Human beings are once more at the centre of the universe, enjoying that typically Renaissance perspective of man´s preponderance on the context and the surrounding environment.´ Individuals are immerged in a wonderfully authentic experience, in a place in which everything is designed for understanding every moment, enjoying its deepest essence, letting oneself be inebriated by the infinite gusto of the present moment and fleeting moments. Precisely such an essential perspective resulted in the Beyond the Luxury project: the foyer, midway between outdoors and indoors, immerses guests in a profound sensorial dimension, characterized exclusively by here and now; the luxury room is very large and sombre, the harmonious geometric designs prepared to only accept elements that define the substance of things, which manage to capture and release all their charm, which can only be enjoyed by omitting everything that is superfluous. It is the transformation into concrete matter of a concept that wants to once more give individuals the possibility of being inebriated by small things, by all those moments of happiness that go straight to the heart.

Architect Roberto Semprini designed the exhibition (sponsored by Zerolimiti) entitled The floating solarium, an installation that presents the décor of a platform at sea.

Lastly, once more record-breaking numbers for the contest promoted by IEG and organized by Yac (Young Architect Competitions), which, following the success of last year´s first edition Lighthouse Sea Hotel, has once more been proposed with an interesting new recovery project: the transformation of Roccascalegna (in Abruzzo) into a house-observatory. Hundreds of proposals arrived within the contest deadline (26th July 2017) from no less than 101 different nation, from every continents.

FOCUS ON: 54th TTG INCONTRI . 66th SIA GUEST . 35th SUN 2017
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